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You are only as good as your subs! My company was contacted from Ch construction to perform a ” emergancy for them ” which was Pulling a low voltage permit in palm beach county for a prewire a condo they were remodleing for a client. We agreed to take care of the situation immediatly .We Pulled a permit and performed the prewire of the building within 2 days . | That was June of 2016, After solving there problem for there customer we sent a invocie of 1300.00 of which of course they never paid . Givng every excuxe in the book from my dog at the invoice to the client willnot pay to please send invocie agian to 5 differant people . | Well you guesed it they never paid. So we went to the owner who is a machismo arrogant Liar and a thief .Claims he had no knowledge of the situation .He then proceeds to berate the employee for not paying us.Then truns his anger toward us for coming to his place of business and asking to be paid .Mauricio whos real name is FREDDY Chaves finnally stroms out of the room and says Sue me ! | Ok Freddy I am suing you in miami dade court.Keep clear of these conartists ive received many other complaints from most of all the other subs with similar storys.


Name: CH Construction Group

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Miami

Address: 444 Brickell Ave #403

Phone: 786-762-2641


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By Ronald

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