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CFE equipment corp forced to assist company ripping off customers by selling new parts and service that are not needed or defective jessup Maryland!!. I have worked for this company for the past nine years. I have seen new equipment sold to customers that had seriour issues right from the factory. cfe always told customers it was abuse and factory would not warranty any parts or service. most customers didnt have knowledge that they were defective parts. this included wiring harnesses that could cost couple of thousand dollars in parts and labor that would be another couple thousand dollars, let me also add the towing of equipment to shop for repair and the cost of rental while maching is being repaired. Many bussinesses such as Walmart and lumber liqudators had no clue they were being ripped off. a lot of smaller companys also faced the same practice. employees were paid an incentive for selling new service and parts, most often the mechanic would see parts that were not needed just to recieve the incentive. I had a problem with this practice and did not involve myself with this. I was honest and would always tell the customer if they didnt need parts. this not only pissed off service manager but parts department would tell mechanic to install un needed parts anyway. they would also include parts that didnt have anything to do with job. I have proof of this happening many times. from what i have seen the last nine years this has been happening for a long time. company charges $109 per hour. they also claim to have a location in northern virgina which is a outright lie. company has no location in northern virgina, mechanics are dispatched from jessup maryland and customer pays travel time from jessup to northern va. and most times there are several times employees have to travel back to jessup to pick up parts cause the company vans dont stock the simple parts needed to get customer equipment up and running. company hires inexperenced mechanics who cannot repair equipment and customer usually will have to pay for another experenced tech to complete job. the way the company conducted bussiness is wrong and dishonest and i advise all customers to get a second opinion. If you are doing bussiness or have done bussiness with CFE equipment, please check your invoices and times being charged. MOST CASES YOU WILL SEE MISTAKES. Its time to stop this kind of company from taking advantage of hard working companys.

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