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This scamming loan company contacted me by phone and offered me a low interest low for $5000. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the fact that they said it was a collateral loan and that I would have to pay 3 months worth of payments upfront in order to process the loan. Since I have bad credit, I thought that was a fair offer and I was in need of the money. The loan officer assisting me was Sandra Webster and she was in constant contact by phone and email. They have an active website that looks pretty legit and they sent me an actual loan contract to go over and sign. I went ahead with the loan and sent them $450 via zelle to a unknown person’s email address. I thought this was suspicious to send the payment through zelle, but they assured me it was a onetime thing and that once the loan was deposited into by bank account I could make regular payments through their website just like any other loan.They asked me to zelle the money to Sasha K Pingue 301-792-4886 and she assured me that I was in good hands and that my money would be deposited after 20 minutes. Once I sent the money, they said everything was good and they were sending the money. When i didn’t receive the money after an hour and a half I kept contacting Sandra and then she tells me that I need to send another $450 in order to get the loan because the bank will not insure the loan without more adequate funding. At this Point I refused to send them anymore money and I told Sandra Webster that I wanted my $450 zelled back to me right away. She said it takes up to 30 days for a refund and that the company would call me about issuing the refund. Well this has been since October and still no refund. I have called several times, left messages, sent emails, and even made inquiries on their website and nobody has responded to my requests. These are complete scam artists that steal money from innocent hard working people.

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By Ronald

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