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Complaint: I got a call from a salesman and he said he is representing a chemical manufacturing company. He wants to sell chemical for the facility. I explained to him that any company who wants to sell to any city dapartment must be approved vendors. Then he said he will want to send sample for us to try. I said ok. About a week later I got a 5 gallons container of the product named ” Eco Degreaser “”. I thought why the company gives out the sample is so much. I gave the container to the plumber to test it out. Another week and I have received an invoice for it. I was so surprised as I understand this is only sample. I called a few times to the phone number in the invoice and no one answered. I left the message and no one called back. ANother two weeks later and our purchasing department called me and told me they have received an invoice for this and whether I ordered it. I explained about the situation and I told them since I have used the sample and I will pay for it from my own pocket. Then I called to the Century Manufacturing Corp and informed about it to make sure no more sample to send to me. The sale person named “” Alex Andrews “” talked to me and he told me since I paid for it he will have to send the remaining sample which was partially damaged during the transport first time. I asked him a few times whether this is to be charged and he told me I have already paid for it. Last week Friday

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Address: I got one 5 gallon container. I called immediately to the phone no. and the receptionist told me that is the replacement for the damaged sample and there will be no charge for it. This morning

Website: PO Box 150 Massapequa, New York USA

Phone: I got the bill for this and the amount is double this time. I called to the number and explained I did not order and requested for the evidence for the order. They said it was verbal order. I talked to the sales man Alex and requested to take back and he said cannot take it because it is chemical and I have to pay for it. I requested to talk to the manager Jake and he said to m

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