Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Review


RE#: Account # [protected] Invoice# [protected] I have been account holder for MANY years. Not until recently (past year), did I start receiving late notices for billing, when I did everything they asked me. Sure this bill is only $1.45 but its now principle. Taking advantage of Texas residents without accountability is RACKETEERING! When I asked for new tags, they lost the order and it took many months to receive after a lot of phone calls and time I wasted. However this continues today, with these micro transactions and 320% mark up on late fees! Billing said I didn’t change my address but I did on my initial order and spoke on phone MANY TIMES. In fact my address and all contact information has not changed in 8 years and I have received billing with no issues on this same vehicle and same license plate! Furthermore, when I bring this up on phone, they coldly claim its my fault and there is nothing I can do about it! This type of behaviour make me want to take my business and associates out of Texas all together! Making us pay $8.88 to travel ONLY 7 miles and all the tricks these expressways force people to use toll roads is barely tolerable but this is over the line and I will bring attorneys into this if I am taken advantage again! Sincerely, Taylor C. Hatch [protected]

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