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Letu2019s start my experience from the beginning. The main reason I had called them was you grade, slope, and level my yard as I get lost of standing water by the house when it rains and also to remove my banana trees and a tree I had by the pool. When they came out all this was discussed and I was quoted a huge amount but I was given a fairly good discount because I was military and this made the price more reasonable (but stull over pried in my opinion). We decided to higher them to do the work as discussed and written in the work order that they wrote while evaluating the property with me. This is when the problems began (after they got my half deposit), it took two weeks to finally get a date that they would start working which was almost a month after I paid the deposit for work. Once the date came they were supposed to start work on, no one showed up at the house and no one called me to tell me they would not be coming or to reschedule. This would happen another 3 times over two weeks and each time I would get home, see no one had come, and call to see why they didnu2019t show up again like they said. I understand delays happen because of rain and what not but you can at least call and let me know. Finally the work begins. The first day they came and cleaned up the yard but only trimmed my banana trees. When I arrived home I told them they were supposed to remove the banana trees. The yard did look alot better thought. Later I got a phone call saying that work order only stated u201cclean and trimu201d not remove even though they were discussed to be removed (verbiage got me there my fault). They also missed some shrubs in the front that were supposed to go as well but they did remove them after I said something. The next day they did some work and tried to pass it off as a final product. They sloped nothing away from my house and did absolutely nothing in my back yard behind my house or the other side. While walking around with them I pointed out these things and that a lot still needed to be done. This would continue another 4 times. Yes I had to walk around the yard with them 4 times to make sure they did the work they were supposed to and that it was done properly, which it still isn’t. Each other time it just looked like they tried to make it look like they did work but nothing was done. On the work order it states level, grade, and slope away from house on both sides and in the back yard. Apparently instead of doing the job right and removing dirt to properly slope away from the house they just decided they were going to make swells to flow the water away fron the sides of my house that don’t work but it was quick and easy they look more like trenches . Also the work order clearly stated they were to install French drains. They tried to blow it off and say thatu2019s not what he meant when he wrote the order. Well you wouldnu2019t remove my banana trees because the ordered didnu2019t say u201cremoveu201d but it clearly states French drain with corrugated drain pipe. They did not correct this and continue to make excuses and that I didn’t say anything about it before. I didn’t know I had to Make sure do what your supposed to do in the agreement. Paid final because they Threaten to take me to court and I don’t have time or the money for that. Now I have to go back and make everything how it should have been done the first time or pay someone to fix it.

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