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Grip Cell Brokerage, LLC is a scam. | After years of paying into their insurance, I filed a claim. You must pay a $200 deductable for a new phone and I paid the money. In return, they couriered me a refurbished, still-broke iPhone that wouldn’t allow you to press certain letters and numbers (having to press the same number 3-15 times for the letter to appear.) I complained and sent it back. The next cell phone they sent me was another refurbished and still-broke iphone with a flickering screen. | Since I had a major trade show coming up (where a cell phone is essential), I told them I wanted my $200 deductable back and went to my cell phone provider to buy a new phone. Turns out I could get an upgrade to the latest and greatest iPhone 7 for only $300 brand new in an upgrade. | Why would you pay a $200 deductable for a poorly, run company like this that sends out garbage replacement refurbished iPhones that aren’t even repaired when you can get an upgrade and newer version for $300? | To add fuel to the fire, I asked them to cancel my insurance. They wouldn’t stop taking money off my credit card, so I had to shut the credit card down and get a new one. | This company needs to be investigated and shut down for the scam it is.


Name: Cell Brokerage, LLC

Country: United States

State: Nevada

City: Las Vegas

Address: 9970 W. Cheyenne Ave.

Phone: 1-866-664-(4747)

Website: www.cellbrokerage.com/

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By Ronald

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