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We placed an order for a washer and dryer yes it seemed too good to be true. However they were travel sizes which are hardly used and we had did some research to look up celire.com and I read it kinda worked like a site that gets just a few items that they discount really low items could have dents etc. They required that payment be made my playstation card points through amazon. Which is part of there scam becasue now you can’t dispute the charges with your credit card and amazon doesn’t refund on playstation cards. One would think amazon wouldnt want a company like this sending people to there site because in the end it does reflect them as well. Needless to say our lack of judgement on something we knew seemed to good to be true but saw a lot og great review cost us a loss of $100.00 we have never received the appliances or a email stating that they are coming. The phone number is no longer working. I guess the next time I’m in Houston I will have to pay a visit to get my money back. It’s not the money we knew there was a chance it wouldn’t come but it’s the principle .

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