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Complaint: I had been interacting with ‘Dr. Corbin’ regarding a puppy I wanted to purchase. I was getting an awesome deal that even included shipment of the dog to my state of residence. I noticed red flags immediately such as no address/phone numbers on the website, a lot of hype with no further detail, unproffesional grammar for someone with a PhD, and the seller wanted payment by Money Gram only. I ultimatley decided to investigate the company further and came upon the website scamwarners.com. I found people who had posted the exact email I was sent from Dr. Corbin- word for word! Obviously they had been scammed also by this fake breeder. I was just fortunate to discover this before I lost $500.

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: 348 Elm St. Kindred, North Dakota USA

Website: www.celestialbulldogs.com/

Phone: 701-428-1229

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