Celeste Tyler Marinho Mastic, New York New York


Her real name is Marie …Celeste Tyler is her online hooker name!! This He-She homewrecker ruined a 22 year marriage! It all started around April of this year..She works with him and they became”Friends” .. Then they started to go out to lunch together..and then starting texting through the phone..She then started to arrive at family gatherings as a”friend”..it was suspected that something was going on ..But he kept on saying they’re just ‘friends’ and denied anything was going on! He started working days that he was supposed to be off and coming home late! Until naked pics of this ugly he-she whore was on his phone and nasty texts! He then asked for a divorce once he was found cheating… || Since then they are with each other every day and night and not with his children because he is with this He-She and he is still legally married!! She has in her twisted mind that they’re going to be this big wonderful family…and the FACT is she is nothing but a whore who just wants to ruin marriages!! Because she wants what she doesn’t have!! And never will have it because she is a whore!! Don’t not be her friend or let your husband or boyfriend around!!

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By Ronald

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