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Complaint: On or about Novemeber 2008. I was working at La Palma Center in Eloy. At approximatley 1700 hours “during chow””. I was the only SORT officer on shift and asssisting officers with chow due to staff shortage! I was taking food carts to officers in dorms so they could eat. Shortly after passing food trays in Navajo-Charlie pod. I was walking back to the kitchen when i heard “”MAN DOWN! Navajo-Charlie POD!”” I quickly realized that was the pod i had just left. I dropped every thing i had and ran towards that pod. Upon entering the main corrador i quickly noticed a scuffle at the top tier

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Address: left side of pod. I called out “”Code Blue”” over the radio meaning inmate on inmate fight. As i awaited for assistance from other officers. I quickly realized inmates were ontop of two officers! I quickly called out “”CODE RED!”” Inmate on officer fight. I was attempting to get into the pod but the doors would not open! I knew i had to wait for more officers befor I could go in but in an instant i heard the door buzzzz open and the decision was made for me. I entered and closed the door behind me. Inmates began coming at me as I made my way up the stairs. I was laying out controled bursts of OC from my mark 9. I managed to get closer to the officers as other inmates came at me. I got into a hand to hand with one inmate that approached me swinging. I managed to place him on the floor and detain him. I would spray OC in the direction of the two fallen officers in an attempt to get inmates off of them. I could see inmates around me and i would deploy OC to keep them at bay. I would yell out to my partners “”Hold on

Website: it was alot of OC. I was taken to decontaminate but could not see clearly. I had extreem pain on my neck

Phone: I am coming! Hang on brotha!. Inmates continued to make a second attempt but I then heard a loud bang and realized officers coming into the pod. I was then sprayed with OC extensively to get inmates off of me. I managed to place mechanical restraints on the inmate i was engaged with. I was then escorted by an officer out of the POD. I could not see

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