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My wife is a big fan of stores such as Bebe or Marciano’s. She sent me information via Instagram about & told me that she likes their clothes & styles. I started following the company on Instagram & really liked the clothes their models were wearing. It fit both my wife & my taste so I decided to surprise her by ordering her 7 items. Her size is Small at Bebe and Marcianos (or any store for that matter). She is 5’7″ and 135 lbs with 36 DD and 28 inch waist. Basically

after looking at the models and the clothes presented it appeared to be a perfect fit. I placed the order (while placing the order it shows a countdown ticker for 40% off sale

which turns out is a 24/7 “”sale””) and we were both looking forward to getting her clothes. After almost two weeks passed and the order still showed as “”unfulfilled”” on their website

I sent an e-mail asking for a status

which was not responded to. The following week it was still unfulfilled

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By Ronald

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