Cat’s Meow Las Vegas Nevada Review


Yesterday I went on-line to order 1 Cat’s Meow toy for my cat. Their website had an offer to buy one get one free so I selected it. Next it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to the deluxe model for $5 extra, which I did. It asked if I wanted expedited shipping which I declined. After I entered the order I entered my credit card and shipping details. I clicked the proceed button and expected to be taken to a confirmation page to review the order, just like most reputable companies have. To my surprise it immediately processed the order. What it told me I had purchased were two deluxe Cat Meow’s plus two free. Instead of an order costing me $35.89 it billed me $91.78 and I’m being sent 4 toys I don’t want. I strongly advise people not to buy this toy from this website. If a company wants to sell product over the web they should have a review page before you comit to purchasing. Obviously this company has a strategy of tricking customers into buying a lot more toys than the want and hopping they will just accept it. I can’t vouch for the product yet but if you really want to buy one of these buy it from a reputable site like Amazon or Ebay.

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By Ronald

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