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My husband and I have been married 9 years and have 5 children. Everything was going ok, we had a great sex life and a pretty good marriage or so I thought. He stop coming home at night then he just stopped coming home at all. He was sneaking around the house making phone calls to her and text messages. I found a bunch of text messages on his phone and confronted him about it and I said well if you’re not coming home and that means you live with her so just move out. I told him about the text messages and of course he denied it. || I confronted her at her house and she said that it was normal and there was nothing wrong with what she was doing. Friday of last week I got divorce papers and I am so devastated by this. She doesn’t think what she is doing is wrong. She is even married herself. Who knows maybe not anymore. She is always going around telling everyone that we’re not married anymore even though the divorce is not final until September.

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