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I’m sorry for all who have been associated with her and her family. I knew them for years and was””blackmailed”” out of thousands and thousands of dollars. They have had generations of family involved in witchcraft. Stop giving them money, jewels…anything!!!!! Educate yourself. This is a start. Understand you are paying for demons to enter your life, home, family. That is the real part! They are how the psychic gets their information. They are why you feel scared and how Cathy calls you back to save you. This will cost a steep price, as it did me. Her mother reeled me into the web. More then losing the money I regret the endless terror I lived through, all needlessly! The game/CON goes like this: 1. Create problem (fear; “”evil spirit is after you””). 2. Show concern 3. Offer help, solution 4. Collect payment (money ‘a lot’, jewels, Hummer, life savings, second morgage, retirement savings…) 5. Demand secrecy to carry out plan. 6. Create friendship/dependency. 7. Repeat. You are not stupid, but that doesnt count, its about emotion and fear. They are psychic—THEY GET INFORMATION FROM DEMONS. Demons (satan) will not improve your life. Cathy fatima Stevens, daughter, niece, sister-in-law(Puppy/Doreen), brother(Black Bob) and whoever else, will take every penny you own or, will ever own, if you get sucked in. They will put you on the street and not blink an eye or look back. I am doing great NOW, years later. I am a renter, have bad credit, PUTTING PAPERWORK TOGETHER FOR BANKRUPCY, can look my friends and family in the eye, live without secrets and I’m HAPPY. The STEVENS family should all be in prison. My information is vast on these people. I’m sorry not to have come foreward sooner, please, do not hide, speak up, take back your power! I pray for justice. Love to you all.

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