I ordered two pairs of shoes. When I recieved no shipping up dates after a month, I contacted their customer service email (they had no phone number listed.) Their response was asking me to wait a couple dayslonger. After a couple days, I emailed again asking to cancel the order. They again asked me to wait. I responded that I no longer needed the product, they hadn’t shipped it so I wanted a refund. They asked me to wait again. I repeated my request number times with the same response. They eventually said they’d give me a five dollar coupon on a nother purchase. I have zero desire to purchase from them again and told them so. And again repeated my request. They kept repeating the same thing until it finally was shipped out and they then responded that i would have to return it (I still hadn’t received anything) and that I’d have to pay for the return which they said is expensive so I should keep it. I stated that if they had honored my initial request I wouldn’t have to return it since it hadn’t been shipped. The claimed I still have to pay for the return and a refund would take months and then suggested k give the product to a friend instead and they’d give me a fifteen dollar coupon. I repeated that I would never shop with them again so their coupon is useless. (This is an ongoing conversation, I intend to refuse the package.) I looked up the return address and they have a good amount of bad and similar reviews on yelp under different business names.

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