Castle Apartments, Inc.


Complaint: Rented from Castle Apartments, Inc. from May, 2009 to October, 2011. Cleaned and repaired apartment and have not receive our security deposit. Castle Apartments never returned our security deposit nor the deposit for the fitness room keys. The problem stemmed from notifying management and/or outside agencies of problems and series of negative treatment I received from Castle Apartments’ horrific customer service. Therefore, it didn’t surprise me that this property management company, would not return our money. During our tenancy, we received numerous negative responses and replies by most staff members. For example, when I called into their office to inquire about a flyer I received, the person who answered was only interested in hanging up the telephone. I was treated as if I was stupid. Another time was when I spoke with their Vice President, Richard Hawkins, “d**k””


Address: he was very mean and cruel; for example

Website: informed us how to pay the rent

Phone: when Mina Ryan “”Mina””

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By Ronald

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