Cassondra Rae Richards – Nashville, Tennessee Tennessee


My soon to be ex husband has been a serial cheat, thru our whole relationship he has cheated, but this girl, did it for to long and at the wrong time. Started while I was away training, he has slept with her on and off again since high school he is 25 going on 26 She was a ex at least ex f buddy. She still continues sleeping with my husband and another married man, whom I have seen on this site so they both must be busy ruining homes. I got to come home a week early, to my surprise, I walk in to my bed room him gagging her at first I was confused then I realized that’s how she got off, so I packed nine and my daughters things and continued my career as a proud female soldier. I filed for divorce and child support, hoping to be free of this man soon. Ladies please watch this women, besides the other married man, she sleeps with one other. Shr is after their money and drugs. Keep her away or keep it clean.

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By Ronald

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