Cassandra Ramirez

Cassandra Ramirez has rightly earned the name CaSCAMdra from me. She happened to be a regular customer of mine from the online cannabis dispensary That I work for. She orders weekly and often buys a high dollar amount of products. | Her last order came out to $110. I made the mistake of not processing the payment before sending the order out. The package arrived sooner than expected and before I could charge her, she canceled the order. | She had the products, but I did not have the $110 that she owed me, therefore it was going to have to come out of my paycheck. I emailed her immediately to inform her that she canceled her order but she seemed to have had the order already. I got no response. She would not answer phone calls or my messages. | I gave up after a week and had to pay out of my own pocket. Because of that, I was not able to send my son to soccer camp. Watch your back with CaSCAMdra.

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