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On or about june 16 2015 i responded to an email from tom kish about triple crown funding. in his offering he showed you that only 50 free nevada corporations were available. if you purcased one for 139.00 plus shipping additiona 8.50 you would get a free nevada corporation complete with books and seal formed by him you would pay the filing fees for nevada, second he promised a guarantee 25,000.00 in immediate business funding, access to his lenders, free entertainment coupons. as soon as you get the package, well after two weeks i did not get my package so i called them they responded by sending me a package but it was incomplete. i did get a follow up call from then after i got the info but he told me the corporation was not free and tried to sell me a wyoming corp for 1,000.00. he also stated i would not get the funding because i am a one person business and no one would fund me. so i asked for my money back and he hung up on me after numerous voice mails i left them of which i never got a responce so i sent many emails to them and they removed me from their emails. i then asked for a refund on their website and they stalled me again, today i accessed the website only to see they inserted a reply sandwhiched in between my complaint to them, they reply was dated 7-6 but when i accssed the site on 7-15 their reply was not there which leads me to think they just added it btoday because its after the 30 day window from order but within that window upon reciept of the package. i want them to returm my funds but this guy is a scam to some and a guru to others. .

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