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I was told that I would receive $2500 by Money Gram ref # 466-06285; Western Union for $2500 ref# 168-037-2497; and $1300 Money Gram ref# 759-49-499 all coming from Jason Cooper in Texas. At first they asked me to get a $100 money card and after that said I needed to pay for the numbers to get my money so I bought an Ebay card for $200. He said after that I would get my money. A bit later they said I owed them $205.00 for the taxes for the state of Ohio.In the beginning the people claiming to be Cash Advance American put a check in my account for $889.15 and when I tried to get money out from the ATM it wouldn’t give me the money. I went inside and the bank said they had a hold on the check so I called Jason Cooper (company contact) and he said the check was good. The bank said they were going to cancel my checking account; no more checking account from KeyBank. Now I can’t even get a PayDay Advance without a checking account and now without any money.I have really bad credit that the only reason I tried for this loan. I was really stupid and now I am out the original $300.I hope this helps to get them out of the business. I think I said that I was going to report them and I think they said the would just change their numbers. That is when I talked to someone else named Mr. Thompson and he said he would hold the file until today I had until 12:00 to call them back at 409-356-5006 with the tax money. I don’t have the money so I will call them back and say best of luck with my money.

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