Cary utt Homestead Florida


Complaint: Cary Edward Utt Unpublish this guy right here is the scum of the earth he’s talking all this crap about me on here but look buddy how u rent me a unfinish house then want a high rent Threatened to beat me up dude ur a fake a crack head that breaks into my house when I’m at work and steal the ac unit then come again with some dude with my wife home and try and break in the cops got you that time you bum your the biggest scum of the earth oh lets not forget your fat a$$ wife she’s the one with the balls she tell you what to do oh I forgot you got caught stealing you snitch on your friend to get one year probation hear is the report Cary Edward Utt Unpublish ID: 49342410 Court Case No: F96030669 State Case No: 131996CF0306690001XX Name: UTT, CARY EDWARD Date of Birth: 7/27/1975 Date Filed: 9/24/1996 Date Closed: 12/02/1996 Warrant Type: N/A Assessment Amount: $0.00 Balance Due: $255.00 Stay Due Date: N/A Hearing Date: N/A Hearing Type: N/A Court Room: REGJB – JUSTICE BUILDING, ROOM No.: 7-4 Court Address: 1351 N.W. 12 ST Previous Case: N/A Next Case: N/A Judge: LOBREE FLEUR J Defense Attorney: N/A Bfile Section: F003 File Location: RECORD CENTER Box Number: 259-0374 Probation Start Date: 12/02/1996 Probation End Date: 3/02/1998 Probation Length: 1 YEARS Probation Type: PROBATION Defendant in Jail: N Defendant Release To: N/A Bond Amount: N/A Bond Status: N/A Bond Type: N/A Bond Issue Date: N/A Charges: Seq No.ChargeCharge TypeDisposition 1 GRD THFT/3D/300+/-5K FELONY CONV-PROB SPEC COND 2 PROBATION VIOLATION MISC HOLD PROBATION MODIFIED

Tags: Sex Offenders

Address: 273 n.e 12 ave Homestead, Florida USA



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