C Misleading..very poor customer service, poor poor finance advocates can not add or process POI Tempe Arizona!!. Was very excited to find this website to purchase a truck seemed pretty simple. Followed all the instructions and had all the appropriate information needed to qualify to purchase a vehicle from them. I was qualified and submitted my documents to submit my prove of income, residence, and identity. Then I get a call from a woman in “underwriting” stating my income was half of what I make. Not only was she a complete idiot she argued what was in black and white on my check stub. She made a major mathematical error in her calculations and instead of apologizing and correcting it she argued with me on what my income was as if I don’t know or was lying. I immediately called another dealership and gave them my check stub and ask them to calculate my income and guess what I make what I said I make yearly! My wife called and spoke to Tammy that worked there who told her she would speak with her “supervisor” and get this corrected. So after she got off her job 4 hours later no phone call had been made, no correction, no apology, no notes, no email. My wife called back only to get another idiot rep on the phone to tell her NOTHING had been done on the account and that the “underwriting ” department had gone home for the day and generally don’t ever work Saturday’s. Can you even say that they work today with the mistake they made today the poor customer service, the lies, the promise of easy delivery of a vehicle and the aggravation they caused us I am not sure you would call this company anything but a huge JOKE! This is nothing but a internet based scam! With a couple of idiots that have no idea what they are doing. Warning stay away from this group of idiots!! Nothing but pure ignorance, lack of customer service and the ability to provide what they advertise!!

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