Cartus Corporation Complaint


CARTUS does not care at all about the people, property, or neighborhoods they are affecting. I just closed on a house in IL where CARTUS was the seller’s relo company. First, they did not get the seller’s agent (from whom they were extorting a 40% referral) all of the proper documentation or a standard of how they do a transaction. Next, I got a different set of documents each day to sign or initial for the first week. The contract I signed was with the sellers. But then CARTUS needed to be the seller. They never told the agent this. The disclosures needed to be in CARTUS’ name. Again, they did not walk the agent through this process. Inspection items were found. We were told by CARTUS that the agents should handle the negotiation of the inspection items and that CARTUS did not want to be involved. Well, we took care of that and did not include the inspection items in the attorney letters. A couple days later, my attorney spoke with someone (“Deb”) from CARTUS and she was appalled that we had attempted to resolve an inspection between buyer and seller. Is it a little shady? Sure. But guess what? That is how deals actually get done in the real world of real estate. So, at the *demand* of the this new person at CARTUS we added the inspection items to the attorney letter. Still again, we got a request to change the attorney letter to change the seller from CARTUS to the seller. The problem was that the attorney represented CARTUS, not the sellers. I refused to make that change as not only did the attorney letter have a response, the sellers were, technically, not part of the deal. The CARTUS attorney did not return ONE phone call to my attorney nor was he ever available at his office until we had a clear to close on my first loan. At that point, all the CARTUS attorney did was threaten me with default and then hang up the phone on my attorney. He is a spineless weasel. He is a good fit for CARTUS. All other communication with his office prior to the clear to close was with an unlicensed paralegal who could not make a decision about lunch much less regarding what was happening. She was more of a secretary. At the close (I could not be there due to being out of town and TCF f-ing up my financing on my second loan) CARTUS decided that a $500 closing cost credit was not allowed as they knew it was for an inspection item. They KNEW the credit was there and coming. We told them weeks in advance through the Chinese fire drill of the attorney review letters. But, they decided it was time to throw out the “you are in default” threats. Over $500. This was a >$600k transaction. I wanted to stop the deal about six times and let CARTUS re-sell the house in the Fall of 2010 but I don’t think they would have cared. They would have just raked someone else over the coals. The seller told me stories about her husband *screaming* in frustration at CARTUS and is doing what he can to get his company (5000+ person company) to drop these fools at CARTUS. They are seriously the absolute worst practitioners I have ever seen. If you speak with them and they start spouting about their “70+ years in the relocation business” ask them why they still can’t get it right. I have seen other reviews here that CARTUS uses the “we are busy” excuse for not doing things in a timely manner. Well, you are SUPPOSED to be busy. You are that good. It is your business to be busy. If you are busy, don’t lay people off while scalping listing agents for 40%. That goes right in to the pockets of Kelleher.

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