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Carson’s Restorations inc Carson’s Restorations inc Eric Howard SCAM, unfinished work, poor management, Never open, unhappy employees, chisholm , Minnesota!!. Hello, I had a truck painted and some other work done carson restoration this last year. Let me tell you every time I went went their was no employee working! The shop looked like a sh* hole it was so messy! Hell they didn’t even have the lights on! How can a company do work on a car with no light on? How can they see what there doing? Eric the owner of this company was never around or too busy to talk with me most of the time. When I did talk to him he said don’t worry and wanted to know when can I send more money to do more work. The job took much longer to do then they stated it would and then when it was done it looked like crap! The paint job alone was done so bad I had to have it all redone. so just heads up if you want to do any work with this company don’t use carson restoration! It will save you time! Money! stress!

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