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This little slice of skank think’s it’s ok to smile to your face and ask you about your three small children and then sleep with your husband! No shame with this one she’s about as sleazy as they come. She specifically targets involved men and I know mine wasn’t the first and is certainly not the last. She is a bartender at (removed) and a waitress at the (removed) where my husband was previously employed. According to him they only slept together twice but i’m pretty sure it was more than that. || I would bring my kids in to eat dinner and see their dad toss pizza’s and now I know why all their fellow employees would give me looks like they felt sorry for me. I had always thought it was the two rowdy toddlers and stubborn 7yr old. Man do I feel like a fool now. Needless to say the affair is over but ladies watch out because she is not very picky from what I hear.

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By Ronald

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