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So my husband and I have been married for 10 years. I work at a restaurant with this girl who is 5 years younger than me.and she used to babysit our kids when my husband and I would go husband was a big partier and I would stay home with the kids. I guess he thought the little troll was prettier or better in some kind of way. She partied with him a lot because they had a lot of the same friends. He started being real secretive and hiding his phone. People at my work would tell me that she was texting him while me and her were both at work together. After a few months it all came to like when my husband and I got into an argument.I used my husbands truck and I went to the laundromat and he had her meet me there to take his truck back to him.well she didn’t take the truck but she followed me all the way back to the house and he had her come inside to reveal to me that they were”in love” he kicked me out of our own house to move her in. I had to go live with a practically a stranger who was my moms boyfriend at the time. Together they had two vehicles and me I had none, while he was with her he refused to take our children and myself anywhere because she threw a fit.. This went on for a long time. We talked about it and he promised he would stop talking to her. That next couple of months my dad passed away in California, while we lived in New Mexico I went to California for his funeral. She called me the night of my father’s funeral to tell me that she thought and I was an awful wife and she was taking my husband from me.the relationship was all of this month so she knew she was calling me at that time of my dads funeral..I came home.I moved out.about a year later in 2012 my husband move back in with me because he swore he changed. I started working at a hospital and I was working 12 hour shifts every day for 6 days a week.after a few landlord came up to me and told me that he didn’t know I had a blonde was of course carry again because she knew that she was never going to give up on my husband.they were both at my house messing around while I worked.he brought my children around her children always told me that he was with her.he then again sure he wasn’t doing anything and then we split up again.after so many years of marriage I still wanted it to work because we had children so we got back together. || Finally we moved out of state my husband was traveling with a job. She always called him always talk to him and then we found out she was pregnant with his child..after that the child was always the excuse as to why they were talking but that had no excuse for why he was sending her and she was sending him nude pictures..they always mess around but I always stupidly went back to try to make it work.she always messes me telling me how it was a bad mom in a bad wife and she was trying to take my husband and how she loved him and she would never give up on him because they belong together in him and I didn’t. She told me she was better in every way and that she would have my husband if it were the last thing. She then started posting on Facebook and everywhere else telling everyone she was the victims that she was the one married to a man I was the one that stole him from her which of course was a lie.and then she had the whole town of Silver City New Mexico believing she was the victim and I wasn’t.of course a lot of the times you stood up for her and he tried defending her saying that they were just three years later we live in Texas and she still calls and then blows him up and take him to come back to her because she loves him and that he should leave me for her because they’re meant to be. My husband out promises that he’s moving back to New Mexico swearing its not for her but she always post they are getting back I wish I knew what was really going on but for now she is still a homewrecker

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