Carrie Good Hawkins / Guion McCoy Pennsylvania / California California


I left everything. Sold my home, and relocated my business to build a life and future with Carrie Good Hawkins. I left everything, and everyone, I’ve ever known and loved. She spent Aug 2nd, 2014 what would have been our 4th anniversary in an orgy with a man in Santa Cruz Ca. || I guess she thought she was going to relive the senior prom. She told me she’s had a”crush” on this shitbag Guion McCoy since she was in high school. Back then, he wouldn’t give her the time of day. Fast forward 30 years, they”rediscover” each other on Facebook, and she dumps a happy, stable relationship to play Prom Queen. I came home from work to find her gone, and our bed… soiled. I have seen her since. I had to leave my home, because she owned the house. After blowing 2000.00 on various hotels, I finally found a small 2 bedroom place, but I’m still an emotional wreck. || I’m blocked, I can’t see them, but people have been telling that she’s posting pic after pic of them eating and partying. The pics I have seen, make me want to throw up. and just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. I find she now has the gift that keeps on giving. || Now I need to get checked out. || Wish I had the courage to kill myself.

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By Ronald

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