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I was contracted to negotiate an insurance claim for the company. I was told to try and get 8k – 10k for damage. I did all the insurance paperwork and the insurance paid over $15,600. The sales manager “Rich”” promissed to pay me for a month

making appointments to meet and never showning up. I finally went to Chris the owner and have found out that he does the same. Both have voice mails that are full and will not answer the phone. When going to the office they are never there. Other people are there but no one knows anything. Now i will lien the properties that I did the work for and see how the property owner feels about it. FYI Any time you have work done to your home or business DO NOT pay until you know all of the workers and subs were paid. You will wind up paying twice. NEVER trust these guys. They will be out of business and taking your money. LARA is the agency for the state that licenses business does not show them on record so i doubt they have a lcn to own the business to begin with.”

32240 Garfield Fraser, Michigan USA


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By Ronald

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