Carolyn SHAMis Realtors Alabama


Complaint: I had heard really bad things about Carolyn Shamis Realtors, but was not expecting the disgusting elephant tusks on display in their office. When I mentioned that Ivory is causing the endangerment and extinction of elephants, they did not care. Since Carolyn Shamis Realtors supports the Ivory trade, a boycott of all Carolyn Shamis properties is in order. Until they destroy the ivory in their office and make donations to conservation and anti-poaching organizations, do not use this realtor. There are so many other realtors in this town who are not supporting the Ivory trade that is decimating endangered animals. BOYCOTT CAROLYN SHAMIS REALTORS DUE TO THEIR SUPPORT OF THE IVORY TRADE.

Tags: Realtors

Address: 3701 Turtle Creek Blvd #1A Dallas, Texas USA


Phone: (214) 369-1123

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