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One trip of a lifetime turned into a LIFETIME NETWORK series episode. BETRAYED would be the title. This deceitful woman, who I have always considered a close friend, had her eyes on my husband from day 1, and I was blinded by friendship and trust. || My Husband and I had decided to plan a mountain trip for us and some friends. This was a motorcycle based trip. My husband had a friend he wanted to come with us from work, so we wanted to be fair and have the same number of men and women (so there were no third wheels), I invited my close friend Caroline Allred to attend the trip with us. From the departure I should have known. She was very”flirty” and showed NO interest at all in my husbands friend from work. On the way to the mountains Caroline Allred was talking about her most recent”boyfriend” who she had to”break up” with because he would not stop seeing his”GIRLFRIEND”. REDFLAG#1 || My friend that went with us warned me right after that to be very careful with this girl. Caroline had been my friend for years so I really didn’t pay it any attention. Throughout the entire mountain trip she acted very strange. When the girls wanted to do stuff she wanted to stay with the guys. She even had the audacity to ask my husband to ride his motorcycle with him while I was gone, when she already had a bike to ride on. REDFLAG#2 || The last night at the mountains her and my husband stayed up all night long drinking together when everyone else went to bed…. I guess we will never know what exactly happened that night except for them… || For the most part the trip was a good trip especially in my ignorance. || I noticed behavior changes in my husband quickly after the trip. He was always starting arguments and being extremely hateful toward me. I thought we were just going through a rough patch so him and I decided to take a few days”break”. I went to stay with HIS parents for a few days. His parents were very hospitable toward me when I was staying and even took me on a little vacation. The problems with me and my husband weren’t getting any better. I got word from people around town that he had been going out often and some people from church saw him at her place of work. || Can someone say LIGHTBULB!! That was it! That was why he was being mean to me! That is why we were arguing so much! OK! So, now that I had an idea on what was going on, I had to have proof. I tried talking different friends of his hoping that one of them would spill the beans, it worked. One of his best friends said he felt sorry for me and had told me that Caroline had been living in my house. I was shocked, hurt, confused, I had to know for myself. I went to OUR marital home where I find all the locks had been changed FURY RAN THROUGH ME! I went to my bedroom and I find ALL HER THINGS! A bag with her name on it, her clothes and shoes, and a spanking paddle on the bedside table! I ran through the house, broke dishes,and threw food all in the floor then left. How can my husband do this to me!? How can I be married and he decides to get a girlfriend and I can’t do anything about it!? So, I did what any MAD VENGEFUL woman would do… I started hanging out with his friend and he gets mad about it and decides to bash me on social media. He doesn’t want any of his friends hanging out with me because he knows his guilt. || THIS IS TO GET THE TRUTH OUT! If it wasn’t for this trifling, horrible, nasty, trashy, whore of a woman my husband and I would still be together. NO marriage is perfect, but mine would have been just fine if it wasn’t for her. She knew what she was doing from the start. They are still together and gallivanting around town flaunting it around.

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By Ronald

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