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I married my husband when I was 26 and I was completely in love and believed he would be my husband for life. This woman even came to my wedding and was at our reception so she knew from the start we were married. She was working at my husbands side business and years later she went to work at the same company/department where he worked at his full-time job. She is 17 years younger than him. When I was 34 he began acting weird coming home late, etc. At Christmas her live in boyfriend called me and said my husband was having an affair with his girlfriend Carol Hakalo. When I asked him about it he of course denied it. || Then over the next two years someone would call and hang up or call and ask for some person who did not live with us. When this would happen he would leave to walk the dogs – a phone was at the gas station about 6 blocks away. If he answered the phone he would talk to her as if it was a wrong number and laugh/giggle. He said he was just playing with the crank caller. He began to act mean to me calling me suspicious and paranoid and because I wanted to believe nothing was wrong I started to believe him. Also during this time we were taking care of his mother who did not speak English and was suffering from dementia. After a while I came to my senses and told him I would find out what was going on. He told me about her and asked me to accept his affair with her. He said he wanted me and her both. I told him I could not accept this because this was not what marriage was about. I called her and asked her to leave marriage and she said”no” saying I can’t help it if he loves me and not you. He just feels sorry for you because you have no family and that is why he won’t divorce you so you need to divorce him. I said do you know I was in the hospital when you were sleeping with him and she said.”So”. I was crying and said please leave our marriage what do you think you are doing. She said I’m having fun and I said sleeping with another woman’s husband is fun? She said”yes I can’t help it if he loves me. I said I don’t even know what you look like but I know you know what I look like. So if we are ever in the same room you better leave because if I learn you are in the room I will beat the crap out of you. I was so angry that she had no guilt or compassion. She told my husband and he came home angry because I had frightened her and then they told everyone at his work that I was violent and crazy. || I finally divorced him and after our court hearing he asked me to go to lunch. I went because I still loved him and was hoping this nightmare would end. At lunch he said even though we are divorced you are still my wife. I moved about 3 hours away and he would still call me and visit me. Eventually I broke it off because I could not take it mentally. He married her 2 years later and she claims she met him after we were divorced. So she appears to be this innocent wife all these years. I thought people should know the”True” story.

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