Carmart They will bury you in side notes after they fix something once they make sure you are having to come back Stillwater Oklahoma!!. I got a 2001 mitsubishi eclipse Spyder convertible total was 8000 for it I made 410 payments a month after 3 yrs of constant side note and having payments on time I finally ended up having to pay for a new engine in which they did not get new they went to a salvage yard and after 3 weeks it went out because of a 50 dollar sensor I asked if it could be fixed and they refused when I had already paid over 12000 on an 8000 dollar car they will set you in a car that has issues so they can’t suck you sry of money by fixing, they don’t fix it or they charge you for new parts that they are getting from salvage yards and don’t even check the condition of the parts them they will repo your car right before you have it paid off

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