Carlton Medical Supply Review


The first thing I have to say is that… IF YOU ARE OFFERED AN INTERVIEW! DO NOT GO! This is a scam and it is not a real job ! It is against the law to not get paid. Jim Turner the owner of this company will have you work there thinking you have a legit job and when it comes time to pay you he doesn’t have the the money to give you a paycheck! He will have you thinking you get paid once a month but when that time comes for your pay, you will not revive it. Mr. Turner is a fake and goes by many different names and changes his location everytime he gets new employees so that the old employees don’t find out where he is so that he doesn’t pay them or so that he doesn’t get caught with what he’s doing. He needs to be arrested and pay everyone he owes or else things will get really bad. He has his daughter and his son working there as well. They’re all apart of the scam running around with all the money while we are left here with nothing. Most of of have families to take care of and Mr. Turner thinks it’s funny to play around with people’s lives when people could have been out here working a real job they could have been getting paid for . Mr. Turner will give you a contract that states how much you will be making and claims he has a 2 million dollar company. That’s bulls*. All lies . And he just fires people for no reason but he never does it himself . He always has someone else do it for him. And his dumb a*s daughter Dovia P. needs f* help! Real s* she has mental issues and will pull out a firearm on you for no reason just for asking about your money . Cause she know what’s good she know her dad not about to pay anyone that’s why she be doing the most she’s the one taking all the money . This company is fraud! Do not work here. It is NOT LEGIT! Find a real job people ! This is not somewhere you want to work . The reports about this company is not false. They are all true . These reports are to help you so you don’t end up like the old employees. No matter how hard working you are, no matter how nice you are of a person MR. TURNER does not give a crap about you or your life. That’s why he won’t pay you. There are a lot of people out to get this man. This man will be in prison soon.


Name: Carlton Medical Supply

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Hampton

Address: 695 Old Hwy 3

Phone: 855-946-0033


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By Ronald

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