Carls’s Furniture City Otego New York Review


I made the worst mistake of my life … I purchased furniture and a protection plan from Carl’s Furntiure City.From the start it was lies as to delivery date furniture protection plan and the poor saps that are or were employeed by the company did as I am sure they were told by a person that I don’t think is really CARL !I purchased over $3,000.00 worth of junk that Carls listed or called furniture and have been ran around every since the first delivery by the employees . Every piece of furniture /junk was damaged on first delivery. 2nd delivery was better than first as TV stand ,End Tables and lamp table were acceptable. Love seat was found to be a factory defect as were the 2 swivel rocker recliners.Repairman sent out said the recliners were not worth repairing and the bases were to light for the chair designed. This is a furntiure protection company repairman that was sent by montage furnture services to repair the problem. The repairman sent by Carl’s to repair the loveseat on inspecting it stated that the loveseat was a factory defect as well. So my question is was all the furniture that Car’s Sell defective and thats way he can advetise such low prices.All of the above took place within approx.4 months of receiving the second set of furntiure.I await a call back from an employee to let me know what this so call Carl of Carl’s furniture city is going to do to resolve the issues I face ……. but I know its going to be nothing and thats because I saw today on TV add sraring that Carl’s Furniture City is going out of business …. So I am screwed .Carl if thats his real name is taking my money and RUNNING .Stated something other endvors and most likely under another name. So I say beware everyone and steer clear of the liqidation sale thats starts tomorrow because as I am sure all sales are final and if you buy his junk /defective furniture your stuck and I am sure his employees with go down with the sinking ship just toget any pay they have coming …. I also say beware to them cause what I got may happen to them ! Oh and 1 last thing don’t try calling Carl or emailing he he says he will get back to you but that doesn’t happen either .

801 Wagner St Utica, New York USA


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