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Before going on our trip we called to verify our birth certificates, we were told that we only needed a raised seal. My b.c. has a raised seal so I thought nothing of it. After driving to Orlando we were told that my b.c. wasn’t vaild because it wasn’t state issued. When I told them that I was only told that it had to have a raised seal they told me that I needed to call the cruise line but that I couldn’t do so until my travel was over because the cruise line wouldn’t speak to me while I was trveling. I tried called the cruise line when I was traveling but the number was busy the entire time. After getting home I called the cruise line and was told that I had to send in a fax with the reason why I want a full refund and after trying to fax I soon found out that the fax number is always busy! Our hotel stay in Orlando was horrible. The walls were peeling, the ceiling was peeling, the ice maker wasn’t working, the floor was so dirty we didn’t feel comfortable walking barefoot on it, the room smelled like the bathroom (fecal matter) when the air was turned on, the food was horrible and we have pictures to prove. After being told that we couldn’t not go on our cruise we were offered a two nights stay in Ft. Lauderdale. We looked up the ratings of that Ramada and only saw two ‘very interesting’ positive ratings among the very many discusting and upsetting ratings. Upon reading these ratings we decided to head home (driving back to Maryland). We were told that we could pick a time from 8:30-1:30 to schedule our tour. When we arrived on Monday they told us that we had to have our tour at 7:45 in the morning and that was the only time available. We have two young children and so we reluctantly went on a very early morning tour hoping it would end at 9:15 because we were told it would only last 1.5 hours (from the cruise line). This being our first family vacation we promised our children that they would spend all day Tuesday in the parks. We had already paid for a full days visit on Monday. So we arrived at our tour on time and it didn’t start until almost 8:30. This tour did not end until after 12noon. We were told by caribbean that the tour would only be 1.5 hours, it would be outside the entire time and that there would be no pressure. They were wrong on all accounts and to top it off our two young daughters were with us the entire time. They missed out on over 5 hours of time at the parks because of caribbean. This is time we will never get back and while we were on our tour they pressured us the entire time. We felt horrible about letting our children down and horrible about letting this company down. It was a horrible event. While on vacation my grandmother passed—prior to our vacation we asked what the company would do if we had a loss in the family and they said that they would refund our trip or reschedule our trip. When I called to get a refund they said they could only do so through this busy fax number. This entire experience has been horrible and we are out over $1000. We paid for port taxes that we didn’t use, we paid for 6 nights and we only used 2 nights. We were told that we would get 3 meals a day to use at locations around the hotel and we were only able to eat in the hotel. We were told that the birth certificate I had was valid when it wasn’t. We were given horrible accomodations. Our children weren’t given the vacation they were expecting for over two years. We were disappointed as patrons and parents.

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