CARE TEMP LLC Whiting New Jersey Review


I want to report this company because, I was ripped off, -of money & services. I am a retired person, and live in an adult community. Several years go,I took out a loan so I could purchase a new air conditioner for my home(in an adult community) my old one was 30 yrs. old and not energy effecient–and we are total electric.. I contacted Care Temp, of Toms River, because they were in our approved contractor book. I had them instasll a 2 1/2 ton Trane air conditioner,which cost me over $5,000. because i had them replace all of the old ducts, drain pans, drain/run-off pipes, etc. I purchased it in 2003. Well on 8/10/09 the air-handler (which is located in the attic) started leaking water all over my wood floor, I needed two large pots to catch the water. I called Care Temp-=their emergency phone number. They said they would be here within 4 hours, a very big guy arrive here at 4:30 PM, he walked in dropped down the ac filter and said”oh

i see it from here

a cracked drain pipe”” I don’t know how he could even see it from where he stood

becuse actually all you can see from looking up at that location

is a box that frames the air conditioner handler. I said=Ok

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By Ronald

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