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Today I attempted to cancel my memberships which I setup (Mine, my son, and my daughter) with Cardinal Fitness. I also wanted to stop the automatic electronic funds transfers that I initially set up to pay for my memberships. Rather than give me the form to cancel my membership; the employee started grilling me about whether my daughter was going to continue her membership. After a considerable period he gave to me the cancellation forms for my son and myself. He informed me that I would have to have my daughter cancel her membership. He told me that I could call ABC Financial to cancel my daughters membership. I did so while standing at the desk. After making several entries in the automatic phone system I was placed on hold for 20 to 30 minutes. When Tamika finally answered the phone it became clear that the process was not to facilitate canceling my memberships but to obfuscate the process. She told me that I would have to put in writing that i wanted to cancel my membership. The question that I now have is why couldn’t I just fill out a request to cancel my membership at the desk in the first place. The next question why must I have to contact ABC Financial a third party billing service contracted with Cardinal Fitness to cancel my memberships. Judging by other complaints with Cardinal Fitness it is just a matter of time before legal action for their practices is entertained. Their contract is adhesionary and clearly they must realize that gray zones in their contract will be decided in the customers favor.

15601 S. 94th Avenue Orland Park, Illinois United States of America


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