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I drive an 07 Prius. This morning, while driving on the freeway, both the low-beams and high-beams suddenly went out. I went to to see if this was a known issue. As I logged on, a pop-up window opened, with a, “Live Technician, ” who was ready to answer questions. I described the issue that I was having. The technician offered to transfer me to a mechanic, BUT I would need to pay $5.00, before they transferred me. I went through the website, with a fine tooth comb;. NO WHERE does this website indicate there is a fee for using their services. This seemed very suspicious, and I declined to pay. is owned and operated by a company called, AUTO BEEF, ( Auto Beef owns over 50 different websites, such as www.toyotacomplaints, and Please don”t fall for this classic Bait and Switch. Companies are required to post any fees up front, and I urge anyone who goes to this website, to think twice before you give them your credit card number. If this company doesn”t post fees, how do we knw that they are being honorable with our personal information???

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