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Car Parts Discount Inc Blame FedEx for delivering damaged item; Refuse to replace/refund if FedEx refuses to pay then Simi Valley California!!. I placed an order for coolant which arrived damaged. There was coolant spilled all over the inside of the box. I spoke via email and over the phone with a customer support employee as well as sent him photos of the damaged product as requested. He stated he felt it was the fault of Fed Ex mishandling the package and said hewould file a claim with FedEx which I would know the results of in 10-15 days. He further stated that if FedEx paid the claim, that I could then place a new order free of charge or request a refund. However, if FedEx did not pay the claim, then I would be at a loss and no refund nor replacement would be offered to me. Basically, Car Parts Discount would win and I would be out the $32 I paid them. This transpired today and am awaiting 10-15 days for a result.

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