Capitol Hill Psychic Boutique & Life Coach Review


I would be very cautious of this psychic. Capitol hill psychic boutique & life coach seems to have more than 1 psychic working at this location. So far, lola adams and ashley adams are at this store. Each seems to switch off to other locations. Lola adams has another store in burbank, ca called lola’s psychic shop and it is reported in another . My experience was very similar. I would also pay attention and believe the negative yelp reviews on both shops. | Ashley adams is a young woman, and lola adams is an older woman. They seem to have psychic abilities as they do know things right away, but, if so, they are using their abilities to obtain large amounts of money from vulnerable people. I say they have psychic abilities because they know specific events, life happenings, and people that you might have in your life upon your first meeting without being asked questions or divulging any information. Palm, tarot, and life readings are fine – they are not very expensive. But i would stop there. If they bring up a negative energy or an energy presence so strong that they need to enlist the help of other healers, i’d stop stop stop. In the beginning, it might be a few hundred dollars, but soon, it might balloon up to the thousands of dollars range because it was going to take longer than they initially thought, or if you don’t continue, the work they did might be negated and something might go wrong in your life. They play on your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. They may even offer you a discount if you say you can’t pay them that amount – this should be a red flag. | They are sweet, personable, and believable. They know specific things about you. They seem to care about you. They seem to want to help you. But don’t do anything more than a reading. You’ll end up with much less money than you started and your life wouldn’t be any better off.


Name: Capitol Hill Psychic Boutique & Life Coach

Country: United States

State: Alabama

City: Seattle

Address: 2302 E Madison St

Phone: 206-329-0240


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