Capitol Guard & Patrol


The real problem with this company is the operations manager. Her name is Marlena. She is on a power trip because she has a title and won’t listen to any employees. in fact, she won’t stop talking and if you try to say something, she says don’t interrupt. employees dont have a say, she is omnipotent, and wants to be controlling. if Capitol Guard gets rid of her, then it might be a better company and be able to keep quality people. there is a lot of turn over, it could be because of Marlenea’s attitude and how if an employee has a complaint against him/her she is judge, jury and executioner. the employee doesn’t have a chance to tell his/her side or have a chance to defend him/herself. Marlena automically believes who complained and the employee is already guilty until proven innocent. In this case, the employee doesn’t have a chance to prove him/herself innocent. | Marlena has logic that is convoluted. But, she is always right, never wrong, and will fire someone in a heart beat without any form of fair adjudication. NEVER WORK THERE, DON’T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME APPLYING. THIS IS A SCUM COMPANY, TERRIBLE TO ITS EMPLOYEES. find another employer, there are much better ones out there.

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