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I applied for a loan online, I received several calls from Andrew Williams prior to me calling back. I was told I was approved for a $4500.00 loan, first I would need to purchase a My Vanilla Reloadable Prepaid Visa card in the amount of $90.00 to proceed with the loan. After purchasing and providing that card information I was told I would need to purchase another card in the amount of $230 for some fees, once that card information was given I was asked to cut it up. Then another card needed for document fees, then state taxes, then federal taxes. I was then told money would be depostied into my account. The following day I recieved a call money was not able to be deposited even though I had paid for transactions numbers for the deposits, (“transactions numbers had expired”) I would need to pay for PIN numbers for the cards in which they would deposit the money on and I would be able to get from an ATM. In all I purchased a total of 7cards purchased in the amount of $1995.00 not including price of cards. The final step was when I was told I qualified for a “Federal Grant” which would not have to be paid back for the sum of $10,300.00, but would need to pay $470.00 federal taxes priror to receiving, once card information provided I would receive the $10,300.00 into my account within 3hrs. I at this time informed Andrew I believed it was a scam and wanted to cancel the whole thing and recieve a refund of my money, He informed me there would be no refund if I cancelled instead if I paid the addtional money to get the Grant that is 100% not repayable. I asked to speak with the Federal Grant department, Andrew yelled “hold on while I connect you with washington DC”. When that person answered, (Jacob) he asked my name and SS# I refused to give information and asked about “Federal Grant details” and the contact number to him, The number given rang back to Capital one. I was then sent back to Andrew, I again expressed my concern for fraud and Andrew became angry yelling at me, rude and then hung up on me. I informed him I was filing a compalint with the attroney generals office (which I did). He yelled at me stating I would have to pay attorneys fees and court cost. I then hung up on him, he attempted to call me back repeately for the next 15mins as I refused to answer the call. Throughout this process I also spoke with Samuel Thomas (manager) who was rude as well. | **Warning any loan provided will take the cost of loan off money deposited and will verify you account info with small deposits made, they will NEVER ask for money up front, Lesson learned. **


Name: Capital One

Country: United States

State: Virginia

City: Richmond

Address: P.O. Box 85565

Phone: 1-800-655- (2265)


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