Capital Meats Inc. Mercersburg Pennsylvania


Complaint: Two men from Capital Meats were visiting me and said if I purchased one case of beef they would give me free 1 case of chicken, 1 case of seafood. I said okay. Then he said if I purchase his last 2 cases of beef on his truck he would give me another case of chicken, seafood, and a pork. I agreed to purchase the other 2 cases of beef. Then they charged me on one receipt 3 cases for $438.00 then gave me a second receipt for $964.84. I wrote 2 seperate checks. Later on that day I was looking at my receipts and seen the 2nd receipt was for 5 cases so I called Capital Meats, Inc. and told them I was stopping payment of $964.84 and left the other one clear the bank. Since that time I have received harassing phone calls and threats of suing me. To this day the man I talked to at Capital Meats has not returned my calls to settle this. I will not purchase another thing from this company. Mistifyme32 Mercersburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: Stephens City, Virginia U.S.A.


Phone: 410-751-9641

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