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Capital-invest is a broker that seems to have French connections of heritage. We make this assumption based on the default language on the website The website itself is a problem as it also has the English language. There are two languages on the website at the same time. Some portions are in English and others in French. It goes to show the lack of professionalism from the broker. Go through this thorough Capital Invest Review for more. Review

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About Capital-invest

Capital-invest is a broker whose quality is in question following a recent surge in complaints. We don’t have any details concerning who is behind the platform. One would expect the platform to have information as to the background and history of the broker.

All we see is a website that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As far as legitimacy goes, they have really come up with a well-designed website. That’s the only positive attribute to this broker.

Upon further scrutiny, we notice that there’s a lot of information missing. The broker claims that this is a financial investment platform. We don’t see any investment options apart from the claim of them being a broker. We don’t have any information on the assets available for trading.

A real broker should inform users of the trading instruments. There’s no information on the leverage allowed by the broker. It’s quite discerning to learn that they claim to be professional brokers.

Business owner of Capital Invest

There’s no mention of the people behind this platform, which is a scary thing to imagine. Investors are signing up to a platform with no known brokers. What’s to stop these brokers from claiming you didn’t invest with them? There’s no way of knowing who is behind the platform.

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For all we know, these could be offshore brokers trying to steal funds from naïve investors. We should be exposing such brokers to ensure the online trading world remains safe.

Comments and feedback from users

One way of checking whether the platform is legit is by checking customer reviews. has all the answers you need to confirm that Capital-invest is a scam. Most claim that they realized that the platform was a scam the moment they asked for withdrawals.

Immediately the success rate of their accounts went down, and later, and the balance was zero. It’s a scam, and no one should lead you to believe otherwise. The comments from some of these victims are touching, saying the least. It’s exactly why we must expose this broker to avoid a repeat of what’s happening.

Domain Details of capital invest

A closer look at the domain’s history using shows a troubling situation. According to the IP history, the website has been running for over 16 years. What is shocking is that the broker’s website was registered on 18th May 2018.

The broker is less than two years old, and they are now receiving complaints from every quarter. Most of these complaints are from UK citizens, which indicates the broker is targeting European investors.

Features of Capital-invest

Account Details

Capital-invest Account Types

Capital-invest is furnishing members with four account types. The minimum deposit to start trading with the most basic account is EUR 0-5,000. These four accounts are Classic, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. There’s still no information on the leverage and spread available on the platform.

Account features are all the same, no matter the tier. What is different is the support which they claim is Premium to Platinum and VIP holders. The minimum deposit for a VIP account is EUR 50,000.

Contact and Support

With the broker claiming to offer premium support, we were expecting an account manager. The broker tries to block any contact from third parties. The broker tries to control the communication channel by failing to provide live chat support.

To reach the broker, you must send an email or make a call. We tried reaching out using these two avenues but to no avail. Our calls were redirected elsewhere, and no response via email so far.

Deposit and withdrawal

Depositing funds with this broker is easy and fast. It seems the broker made sure depositing is fast and secure. You can make deposits using Bank transfer, Credit cards, and wire transfers. Withdrawing funds from the platform remains the biggest stumbling block.

Capital Invest Deposit and Withdrawal

Most complaints center on the inability to withdraw funds. The minimum withdrawal request is $50 with no maximum. We still don’t know how long it takes for the funds to reflect in your account.

License and Registration Details Capital-invest

Capital-invest is not a real broker and, thus, does not hold a valid trading license. We did check with the Financial Conduct Authority, which is the official regulator in the UK. There’s not a single broker who holds a license with the above name or domain. And this goes to show that this is a scam.

The people behind this are using false documents and addresses to fool unsuspecting investors. It’s a good chance that these are professional online scam artists.

These scam artists will fill their pockets with your funds and later shut the website down. With more and more complaints, the FCA will need to act fast and blacklist the broker. We can only play our part by exposing them with hard facts.

Looking at the complaints from different investors, it seems that the broker takes their time. There’s no document to prove that the broker is a legal professional. Even the French regulator has no investor under this name.

Safety of funds with

There’s no security of funds with this broker as the number of complaints continues to grow. The broker does not agree with any third party to offer a guarantee. We don’t get any document to prove that the broker deposited with the compensation Fund.

In the event the platform goes under, members won’t see a dime. The balance in your account will go to the broker. It’s why registering with a proven and tested broker is the way forward.

Scam or Legit Capital-invest Fraud

Capital-invest is a scam that is about to snatch the dream out of investors. All facts point to a platform that has no empathy for investors. The broker is unavailable for comment and has no legit documents to prove their case.

We find the broker culpable of stealing funds from unsuspecting investors. The entire website should be shut down, and the culprits brought to justice.

Our verdict

We won’t condone such acts of fraud by any website claiming to offer brokerage services. Investors should be wary of such brokers who don’t have their interests at heart. Ensure you find the right broker who has a proven track record.

Start the trading process in the right direction by using dependable and vetted brokers. These brokers are highly qualified with years of trading experience. Sign up with authentic brokers today and start making decent profit margins.

We wish everyone a successful trading experience.

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