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Complaint: It was funny when I read the statement from “Brooke”” June 9. Our story is almost exactly the same. A person called twice asking if we would be home to receive papers to appear in court. Then they give you a number to call and a case #. When we called

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Address: they want us to make payment on a debt. Only in our case we were victims of identity theft in 2007. We filed a police report at that time and spoke with our attorney on what we should do. We did everything we were supposed to do. Only this case for some reason never got cleared up. I explained all this to the man at Capital Filing and he said it was on us to prove this was not our debt. I contacted my attorney at that time and he told me to have them call him if they ever called again and he would clear it up. He said that was wrong

Website: I told them that they needed to call my attorney. The man was very rude and said “”this is a civil suit your attorney can’t appear in court

Phone: they have to prove it is our debt. We told them to verify signatures on the account that was opened

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