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I recieved a letter from Expresslanes Unpadi Toll, indicating that I had not paid a toll in the amount of $1.85 which was due and an additional $12.50 for administrative fee. I dispute the fee and waited for some type of response.After awhile I decided to pay the toll due to having a commerical license. I felt it was easier to deal with paying the $12.50 later opposed to having anything on my license. Well after I clicked pay, I told my hubby I had just paid the fine and that’s when it all started. He asked 101 questions about when, where, what toll road did we use?? so many other questions and when I looked on the invoice I noticed there was no location of the actual toll charge. there’s no actual date of the infraction only the invoice date and due date. Now the flags are red and bells are ringing. Better to have lost $14.35 opposed to anything more. I googled and found others have been through the same. So lesson well learned, if you get a notice, I would suggest you do your homework and not just pay the ticket. I will take furter steps on having this resolved. Good Luck.

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