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Complaint: Unlike the first person who had a complaint with CPL (Caninie Partners for Life) I had no problem with my dog showing aggression or not doing his job (seizure alert). My dog behaves perfectly. It is the staff at the facility that behave like aggressive wild animals. I totally agree with his description of Darlene’s (the director’s) abuse of her personal service dog also after the first night in the summer of 2012 one of the girls changed her mind and did not come back. Darlenescreamed at one of the trainers and said about that poor dog “Get that d**n dog out of here!”” and had a trainer drag the poor thing (who was the only one sitting there only there) as hard as she could back to the kennel. But that is not why I am writing. One of the conditions of keeping your dog is that he is to be recertified every six months. These are due on very specific days.the first two certifications I did just fine but the third and forth times I was unexpectedly in the hospital for several weeks each time. I immediately let them know this and sent the evaluations (which had to be video tapes of us working together at a mall) as soon as I got out. I also had to have vet records which were late for the same reason. In Dec. of 2012 they complained that he was 89lbs when they wanted him 60lbs. The vet said he was at the high end of normal but he was not worried about his weight. CPL has made me put him down to 1 cup of low fat dg food a day. He is a black lab. In March of this year he was down to 80lbs. They still want him down to 60lbs. although the vet (who also raises labs) says he would be extremely underweight at that weight. They forced me to come to PA from IL costing me about $600 to do the tests in person instead of by video and tested things they had never tested before and then said he had flunked. because of these three things they now want the dog back. Some of the things they were testing were neccessary for someone who is mobility challenged. Go to a refrigerator and open the door and get out some water. As an alert dog he is attached to me as long as he is working

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: how is he supposed to go from my living room to my kitchen on a six foot leash? But he flunked. Other things he completed correctly

Website: giving me 20 minutes warning that they are coming and about 85% for my psychiatric episodes (something I taught him myself). I would lose my freedom if I lost him and since he is almost 7 and to old to be placed in another team he would lose his freedom too. I find it beyond awful that an organization that prides itself on making a business out of the ADA would actually be both abusing the disabled and the animals they place.”

Phone: like calling an elevator but they failed him any how

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