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Ok first off I would like to state for the record at hand all accounts of what I am about to disclose is factual and forth coming and of 100% accuracy . Kristi Davis of cane river chihuahuas is a thief and a liar! I purchased a puppy from her and paid a large sum of cash for said puppy . I never talked to miss Davis over the phone I conversed with her via text messages which I still have !She promised to have said puppy delivered to me at my home because she had some one delivering dogs for her to Nola . Well this was fine , I never signed any contract of any kind to say that I would not be getting my dogs akc registration papers ! Ms. Davis said he would be delivered with them and his vet records and that he had received all of his shots . | The day arrived for me to go pick up my new little man I was ecstatic to say the least well this so called person who was supposed to deliver my dog to my home called me and told me that I needed to go meet her at a chick Fila in Lafayette at a strip mall well be this as it may wasn’t part of the original agrement . I went anyway ! When my mother and I arrived at said Chic Filletwe noticed a woman with what appeared to be 15 dogs in a small wire play pen sitting in the middle of a grassy area right in the middle of the heat of the day ! No water for the animals or shade was provided !! I walked up and introduced myself and said I was there for my dog . she would not let me pick up the dog until I handed her the cash in hand so I did and then she proceeded to hand me a vet record which stated that he had only had his first set of innoculations not any of the other like his rabies bordetella and all those major ones and no akc papers were handed to me !! I asked the woman I where are my akc papers ?? Oh Kristi did not say anything about that other thAn they have not came in yet , but when they do she is going to mail them to u . I said fine reluctantly and said thank you I’ll be waiting . | Still waiting is where I am ! It has been since before December that I purchased this animal. I contacted Ms. Davis a month after I purchased my dog and said where are my papers well her attitude had completely changed from that of a warm caring type person via text messages this was my first encounter talking to her via the phone she proceeded to tell me had I had to get him fixed yet . I said why would I have him fixed he is only 8 months old most normally you have to wait till a year of age to have this done ! she She then told me I will not be getting any papers for my dog until he is fixed ! I told her this was not what she had told me in the texts ! She said there is a contract you signed stating that ! I told her how did I sign a contract when I never have meet u or been to ur house where u sell the animals ?! I also told her why didnt my dog have all of his shots ?? She then told me she was done with this conversation and I will not be getting anything from her and that she was blocking my phone number and email and if I had a problem with this to just go f* myself ! I told her that this is not a way for a business owner to act and that all I wanted was what was promised to me . She said tough sh* and hung up I have not heard from her or received Any papers for my dog even though I payed well within the thousands for him ! I recently have contacted the better business bureau and to no avail I received this email today of them telling me that Kristi Davis had contacted them back about my complaint against her and this is what she had to say that I’m a scam artist and don’t care about the animal ?! Anyone and everyone that knows me knows I am a animal lover to the hilt and beyond please please please do not deal with Kristi Davis of cane river chihuahuas in Louisiana ! This is her face book page please repost this thank you and God bless


Name: Cane River Chi’s

Country: United States

State: Louisiana

City: Natchitoches

Address: PO Box 243

Phone: 3183325180


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