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Complaint: I take my car to Canadian Tire but I’m not sure for how much longer. I got my muffler done in August and right after my service engine soon light flickered for a bit then it stopped after a day or 2. A month and a half later the light has been on solid and I found my down stream O2 senseor to be dangling off. I called the service Manager in Collingwood and told him my issue and at first he took no responsibility and told me going to Barrie CT was a okay idea. I now live in Barrie and took it to Barrie Canadian Tire and the awesome, nice mechanic there said “whoever installed your resignator pipe with your muffler broke this off”” and that is that. I called the Collingwood service Manager back and he told me he would talk to the Barrie Mechanic and Service Manager. I called Barrie Canadian tire Last and they said they talked to Collingwood and they said they would take no responsibility. WTF!!! I love these companies that want to make you fight for your money; the mechanic told me what his professional opinion was and they still are going to try and stiff me with a $400-$500 bill. I dont think so guys. I honestly feel bad for the service manager in Collingwood because I have never heard about so many complaints from the locals. If it wasn’t a tourist town they would be fubar. so much for company loyalty..Screw you guys. I’m goin to Speedy! I’ll get my money. BRB Joel Barrie

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Phone: Colling Wood Canadian Ture Collingwood, Ontario Canada

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